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Global Institute of Technology & Management, Gurugram

Defence Institute of Psychological Research (DIPR) - DRDO

Colorplus - Raymond , we have 5 years experience of tech support to them.

Reebok and Adidas we have worked for 2 years at DELHI/NCR Stores

Desktops and Peripherals Management

Hardware & Software troubleshooting, Installation of up gradation of System software, Peripheral (Printer /Scanner etc.) Management, Desktop performance monitoring, fine- tuning and optimization, Support for all operating system, Understand and report performance bottlenecks. Desktop LAN connectivity.

Network Management

Net work Security. Network Management Services: LAN Management. Ensure complete connectivity of the computer with respective network. Activity related to trouble shooting of connectivity related problem including. Testing and verification related to Network Internet Card (NIC) being bad. Problem related to device drivers of NIC being corrupted. etc.